Silver Square

We know how important the moments you spend together with your kith and kin are. We realize how essential it is to create perfect atmosphere while hosting family and friends. We have therefore brought to you Silver Square® - the glittering symbol of ambience…

Silver Square® has its very own base Tissue Paper supply. The paper is made with traditional, clean technology to ensure that both the decorative and hygienic functions of the paper meet your demands and expectations. ISEGA ™ and Nordic Ecolabelling organizations’ quality certificates show our concern for your own and the natural world’s needs for cleanness. Silver Square® is made with pure cellulose only.

The Silver Square® serviettes, both plan and ornamental, are made with safe water-based inks and fulfill harsh hygienic requirements. Silver Square® cares for sou. Silver Square® adds a sparkle to the exquisite charm of your table.

Silver Square® would like to invite you to test what difference it makes to create atmosphere with the Silver Square® serviettes. Fresh design from young, creative artists and beautiful colours will embellish your environs. Feel the magic, make the time you spend together unforgettable with Silver Square®.

The Silver Square® design is being created together with our Partners. We are happy to be discussing how to make the Product attuned to the tastes of people of diverse regions. We make Silver Square® in as many ways as we feel necessary to may be designer but we most of all desire it to be right and proper: lovely and handy.

The World is as it is, turns where it turns and therefore we think it is important to supply our parents with high class product at reasonable price. We are open for new challenges, we love to discover new lands, we dream to be a twinkle at your home events every time they take place. We would like them to take place as frequently as possible whenever you wish to strengthen family

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